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The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternity that was started in 1882 by Fr. Michael J Mcgivney in New Haven Connecticut. The Order started as a way to provide for the families of Catholic men who had passed away as well as supporting the local parishes and priests. Benefits were paid to the families to help provide them with food and shelter and fundraisers were organized to provide housing and funding for the clergy. In a time where anti-Catholic sentiments were abounding, the Knights of Columbus was a safehaven for hundreds of Catholic familes.

Today, the Knights of Columbus has grown to include almost two million members in over sixteen thousand councils across the world. The Knights still strive to support their members and their communities and are dedicated to continuing to provide protection for Catholic men and their families. Today, the Knights have an AA+ rating; the same rating it has maintained for over 35 years. The Knights are also the largest Catholic Charity orgainization providing nearly $2 million per year solely for use by the Pope's designated charities. The Knights have provided everything from blood drives raising nearly 500,000 pints of blood per year, to natural disaster relief efforts; most recently in locations such as Louisiana. 

Ways you can get involved:

Become a Knight

If you are a Catholic man over the age of 18, consider joining the Knights of Columbus.

Volunteer with the Knights

If you are unable or not ready to become a Knight, consider volunteering your time, talent, or treasure to your community.

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